Super Bit Valley


Super Bit Valley brings together years of experience, skills, and talents into an inventive and fun experience bursting with playful personality. The product reflects my strong career experience in UI/UX, Game Design, Visual Design, and game development.


Super Bit Valley is an 80’s neon and technology inspired adventure game. It’s whimsical personality is tied together with deep and challenging gameplay: Zelda in a neon computer world with bits and lasers. ….oh, and you can jump!


The core gameplay combines proven games systems in other indie titles such as procedurally generated levels, crafting, weapon variety, upgrades, and a memorable art style.



Warped into an “ancient” 1980’s computer, our heroes’ mission is to save Bit Valley from the horrible glitches destroying the once sprawling digital world.

Bit Valley is full of strange and mysterious technology, glitchy enemies, and of course floppy disks. Recover the backup floppy disks to restore Bit Valley to it’s best version yet!


Dr Zero is a geeky scientific explorer who stumbles upon mysterious ruins that contain the world of Bit Valley. His hobbies include spores, mold, and fungus.

BoopBoop is Dr Zero’s floating computer companion. His variety of abilities and sassy comebacks help Dr Zero along his journey.



Unique Aspects

The world of Bit Valley celebrates the wonders of technology, sometimes strange and unusual.

  • Art direction and world design is a playful mashup of both nostalgia and modern visuals

  • Players find Error Warps that transport the player to a fully glitched-out version of the world

  • The rouge-like level design is mixed with handcrafted areas that create a mix of surprise and delight with each play session



Inside Bit Valley


Each level in Bit Valley is composed of several procedurally generated areas. Every area contains a tuned assortment of random objects:

  • Enemies and hazards

  • Items, gems, and Crafting Stations

  • Mystery Houses that are home to traps or treasure

  • Shortcut warps that allow fast world travel

  • Secret passageways that lead to challenging underground areas

  • Locked areas that contain extra goodies



Attack Apps

During gameplay the player discovers and unlocks a number of different Attack Apps. These are assigned to the player’s L2 and R2 triggers and can be mixed and matched to create a large variety of attack strategies. Attacks Apps with higher stats are found as the player progresses.




Crafting + Items

The player discovers various objects while exploring Bit Valley that can be crafted into helpful items and bonuses.

Items such as keys, bombs, ability upgrades, and helper drones are found and crafted as the player explores this strange place.


Art + Screenshots


Production + Platforms

  • All content created by Jason Nowak:

    • Art and Visuals, Sound, Music, Programming, and Game Design

  • Designed and coded in GameMaker Studio 2


  • Production time left: 6 months

  • QA & beta testing: 2 months

  • Est. budget required: $50k + 3k per platform

  • 1st Wave Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Mac App Store, Steam

  • 2nd Wave Platforms: iOS, AppleTV, Android (all with controller support)


Features Roadmap (sample)

✔ Fully playable (procedurally generated) world with easily tunable attributes ✔ Core loop of proven gameplay systems ✔ Large variety of Attack Apps with upgrades ✔ Art direction set and visual design in production ✔ MFI controller support ✔ Deep testing on PC, Mac, iOS, and iPadOS ✔ Lots of mysterious events and secrets ✔ Item crafting system and inventory management ✔ Localization support for multiple languages ✔ Dynamic weather and lighting systems ✔ …and so much more!

☐ More level variety and environments ☐ Integrate more narrative and story elements ☐ Build for more platforms: Switch, Android, TV ☐ More enemy types, mini bosses, and big bosses ☐ Additional secrets, game items, and weapons ☐ Pixel polish, refinement, and additional tuning ☐ Post-launch content planning

All features and bugs are individually tracked in a Trello project


Previous Successes

Industry Experience

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  • Lead design and managed teams of creatives specializing in interactive design and UI/UX for many high profile projects at Apple Inc and Big Fish Games

  • Lead the UX design for hit mobile titles such as Big Fish Casino, Jackpot Magic slots, and Lifeline

  • Self-published titles on the App Store on my own time and direction

  • Years of industry experience working with Game Designers, Project Managers, Directors, QA, User Testing, and Engineering

Notable Releases

Stolen Thunder

  • An original action puzzle adventure game for iOS

Juice Jam

  • The Hit Match 3 Puzzle game

Big Fish Casino

  • The top Social Casino game for iOS and Android


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