Jackpot Magic Slots

JackPot Magic Slots

Jackpot Magic Slots (formerly Jackpot City Slots) is a visual re-imagining of the top mobile Casino game Big Fish Casino. A small group of designers and I were tasked to give the game an entirely new look and feel to appeal to a new player base. Working closely with engineering and product, I lead the UX Design and overall visual style of the game. 

Co-Designer: Luz Tuscano

Slot artwork and illustrations: Big Fish Art Team.



Big Fish Casino has been a huge hit in the Social Casino Genre for several years. It's attracted an enormous and dedicated player base with its rich content and unique gameplay. Jackpot Magic Slots was introduced to expand the potential player base by offering a new visual style with minimal engineering effort. Big Fish Casino's successful Main UI/UX and Social Features were used as the starting point for this product.

The project had to:

  • launch as a separate app but maintain all features and UX flows from Big Fish Casino
  • ensure that production graphics were easily swapped with existing assets down to the pixel
  • be visually distinct from Big Fish Casino
  • appeal to a younger, more feminine audience
  • create a very close partnership with Design and Engineering


unique Pallette

I worked with the Graphic Design team to experiment and establish a fun and unique color palette for the game. We created a variety of mood boards and color samples to narrow down the final colors.

fun and playful style

We tested the palette with potential users with several mockups. After multiple testing rounds, we landed on a playful design that appealed to the desired player.

Theme-able elements for both games

The entire UX and UI for both games needed to be theme-able with easily swapped assets. This required exceptional organization and attention to detail. Working closely with the engineering team ensured that both products be produced separately but maintain the same core code and player experience.




After partnering closely with stakeholders, product, engineering, and QA, we were able to launch the new Jackpot Magic Slots worldwide within a very short production period.

Successes from the project:

  • Jackpot Magic Slots has joined Big Fish Casino in the Top Grossing apps in The App Store and Google Play
  • The game has been featured in Google Play and has a rapidly growing install base
  • Players have enjoyed the new slots-focused experience that allowed them to dive right into the games they love