Big Fish Casino: Social Features

Big Fish Casino: Social features

Big Fish Casino is at times a Social App first, and a mobile game second. The app offers great ways to compete and interact with friends new and old. 

As the Lead UX Designer and Manager for the product, I spearheaded all major feature designs. Below is a collection of some of the most impactful social-related features.

Slot artwork and illustrations: Big Fish Art Team.

Player Profile and messaging



Social interaction is at the core of Big Fish Casino players' experience. Players love to make new friends with common interests to play and chat with. The player profile is key to this experience needed to re-built from the ground up. 

The new player profile had to:

  • build a new and expandable set of profile features
  • balance information density and clarity
  • allow for easy social interactions such as gifting, liking, etc
  • be modular enough to accommodate new features in the future


user flow

Building a variety of profile features required a vast amount of planning and interaction mapping. 

modular design

Each profile section was considered a "module" that could be added or removed later as the feature expanded.

extensive user testing

Throughout the design process I partnered closely with out UX Research Team to identify pain points and quickly iterate on the design. We invited in both new and experienced players to test out my interactive prototypes to make sure we created a positive experiences tailored to their needs. 

Using tools such as GameSalad creator, I was able to make several interactive prototypes to test with stokeholds and user testing. This was a crucial part of the design and allowed me to quickly identify problems and leverage our large user base to help discover solid solutions.


Once the UX Design was set, I created visual style guides that were consistent with the established branding and tone. 

View and edit profile 

Messages Inbox

Once a player becomes friends with another, they can send private messages to each other anywhere within the game.

Profile Photo

Player Messages

Messages can be rich with social interactions such as sending fun animated gifts and inviting a friend to join a game.


After partnering closely with stakeholders, product, engineering, and QA, we were able to launch the new player profile to the millions active users with great results.

Successes from the new profile:

  • Immediate and significant jump in player engagement
  • Internal workflow much improved with the new modular design
  • Post-launch player feedback was gathered through in-game surveys and was very positive
  • Social interactions and saw a positive increase
  • Gave the use new ways to easily implement new social features to players


In order to tell our players about the new Player Profile, I worked with Julie Oliver to create a trailer that was shared to thousands of players on various social media.

Social slots & Jackpot Clubs



Big Fish Casino players can casually play games with and socialize friends or start a Jackpot Club to band together to compete in tournaments for in-game prizes. Allowing players to chat and play with each other easily is crucial to this experience.

These features had to:

  • make it easy to both chat with the keyboard open and interact with Slot Machine controls
  • have adaptive layouts that can accommodate the wide variety of screen and keyboard sizes supported
  • find an existing club to join or quickly create a new one
  • quickly view essential club stats, events, and rankings
  • be a new and fun way for players to interact and compete


finding simplicity in a complex system

Big Fish Casino players aren't the most technically-savvy users. One of the biggest challenge with creating a new Clubs feature was to keep things accessible to the user base. Through a multitude of design iterations and user testing, we were able to simplify key interactions. 

creating a new club

It was crucial to make joining or creating a Club a fun and easy process. Players can customize their Club with photos, info, and specify how competitive a Club they are.

solving edge cases

A large and complex feature creates a large assortment of edge cases. Working closely with engineering, QA, and UX research we were able to find solutions before they became problems for players.


create, explore, and manage club


Adaptable layout

The social slot machine layout has to accommodate a variety of features and easily adapt to any mobile device size.


invite friends and win prizes

Chat and spin

It was crucial for social engagement to give players the ability to both chat and play the slot machines with the keyboard open.  



Both features required a close partnership with engineering and QA to produce a great result. After the successful implementation of the features we saw:

  • Large amounts of players began to migrate from the old Slots system to the new design
  • A big increase in player gifting and chatting
  • Immediate lift in VIP monetization and Club Tournament participation
  • Vastly improved workflow for the Slot Team when designing and developing new games