Big Fish Casino: Main UX/UI

Big Fish Casino: Main UX/UI

Big Fish Casino is the top Social Casino game for iOS and Android. Players can enjoy a variety of real-time multiplayer games with friends and socialize with new ones. With millions of players and a constant spot on the App Store's Top Grossing charts, the Big Fish Casino is a very high profile product where any change can yield major changes in metrics.

As the Lead UX Designer / Manager for the product, I spearheaded all major feature designs. One of the largest and most impactful was the redesign of the main UX/UI: the Casino Games Lobby.

Slot artwork and illustrations: Big Fish Art Team.



The Casino Games Lobby is the central hub for the App. It allows players to find their favorite game, see who's online, and connect with their friends. The lobby redesign was a total re-thinking of the entire game's player experience from the ground up.

The new Casino Lobby had to:

  • build a new and expandable game navigation experience 
  • put social features and interactions at the forefront
  • give flexible real-estate for marketing and in-game promotions
  • increase player retention and engagement 
  • create a fresh new look while keep visuals in-line with current branding


Game Selection

Big Fish Casino offers a large variety of game types for players. The main game navigation is meant to be easy to scroll while keeping the most popular Slots section at the forefront. The scrollable Game tiles are very expandable and can easily accommodate various sizes and types.

Social features and engagement

Finding and engaging with your friends is a crucial task for any Social Game player. Giving easy access to online friends allows players to jump right into a game within seconds.

extensive user testing

Throughout the design process I partnered closely with out UX Research Team to identify pain points and quickly iterate on the design. We invited in both new and experienced players to test out my interactive prototypes to make sure we created a positive experiences tailored to their needs. 

Using tools such as GameSalad creator, I was able to make several interactive prototypes to demo to stakeholders and user testing. This was a crucial part of the design process and allowed us to quickly identify problems and leverage our large user base to help discover solid solutions.


Multiple iterations

Once the UX Design was set, I worked closely with the Graphic Design team to refine the overall look and feel of the interface: color palette, icons, typography, and game branding.

Games Lobby

Fleshed out Games Lobby displaying various game content. Player's key profile information is clearly displayed on top of layout.

Easy navigation

Friend requests are easily accessible. Tooltips provide new users with quick ways to navigate the Games Lobby. 

Social Strip

A scrollable strip of users are displayed within the games lobby shows online players and overlays ambient animations that display chatting, big winnings, etc.

Friends Lobby

Friends lobby with easy access to online friends, suggested friends, and the ability to join their game quickly.

Level up + XP

Revamped Level Up display with interactive content popups over level-locked content.


After partnering closely with stakeholders, product, engineering, and QA, we were able to launch the new Games Lobby experience to the entire large player base with great fanfare.

Successes from the new Games Lobby:

  • Immediate and significant jump in player engagement and retention
  • Internal workflow much improved with the new adaptable and customizable design
  • Post-launch player feedback was gathered through in-game surveys and was incredibly positive
  • Gave the team entirely new ways to surprise and delight users with the design
  • Increase in promo engagement thanks to the dedicated marketing banner carousel


In order to tell our players about the new Games Lobby experience, I created this trailer that was shared to players on various social media.